www.watkins2010.com was the website of Joe Watkins and his campaign for lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania  for the Republican party in the United States of America. Joe Watkins was raised by his parents who he believed were his two best teachers his parents. Growing up in New York City. It was Indiana University that gave an introduction to politics. It was working a s a volunteer supporting Dan Coats  campaign forcandidacy for Indianas 4th District representative in the U.S. House of Representatives that Dan Quayle became familiar with him. This ultimately got him working on the campaign trail for Bushes campaign for presidency and in turn got him the job of Associate Director of Public Liaison at the White House from 1989 until 1991.

Distraught politician

I had a knock on the front door last Sunday and it was a distraught neighbour, who was the local politician, who had lost their pet cat. He told me a little more information and that the lost cat had not been seen for 3 days. Apparently this was not in the cat’s nature at all. I decided, as I had nothing planned for the next hour that I would join their search in a neighbourly manner. I helped knock on doors asking people to check their sheds and out buildings and low and behold one of them came across a cat curled up in their coalbunker. The cat did not seem particularly distressed, unlike the neighbours, but the feline also seemed very pleased to be picked up by its owners. Not really knowing the neighbours that well, I feel that by helping them out, and with a successful outcome, that a neighbourly bond has been formed. It just goes to show how little things can create good relations with ones neighbours. Who knows maybe having a politician as an ally is a good thing!